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2022 SKCI SD Summer Camp Gathering

2018 SKCI SD Fall Camp Gathering

2017 SKCI SD Fall Camp Gathering

2015 SKCI SD Summer Camp Outings


2013 Holiday Party

2012 SKC Annual Dojo Maintenance & Dinner

2011 SKC Holiday Party

2011 Youngsters’ Outing w/ Mazhari Sensei

SKC youngsters who trained with discipline and regularity, particularly during the course of the summer, were afforded the opportunity to participate in a very special outing with Mazhari Sensei. They were joined later in the day, for lunch, by the SKC students and parents who participated in the SKC Annual Dojo Maintenance.

2011 SKC Annual Dojo Maintenance

2010 SKC Holiday Party

2010 SKC Annual Picnic

2009 SKC Holiday Party

2009 SKC Annual Picnic


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